Just launched! Our new, free, demographic analytics service SocialEngage.co


It's official! The newest addition to the Versatility Werks family is Social Engage. Social Engage compliments Google Analytics by offering Demographic analytics based on Facebook connections with visitors.

When a person visits your site, a modal pops up asking them to connect using Facebook, if they do so, you now have demographic data on that user which will be analyzed and interpreted along with all other engaged visitors. You can also quickly/easily personalize your website with that individual's personal data using our text variables, show alternative text based on engaged status, send targeted emails to visitors and view a dozen analytical charts/graphs to help you better understand your traffic!

Shane Stebner

Author: Shane Stebner

Shane is a successful web-developer specializing in responsive design, and the open-source LAMP stack. Over the years, he's gained in-depth experience with Stripe, Twilio, PhantomJs, Authorize.net, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, and many other plugins/APIs.

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