Introducing: 1Pass4.Me - The easiest PHP login system.


We're almost finished with one of our biggest time savers! 1Pass4.Me is the ultimate hosted php login service. It takes minutes to install, and has pre-built signup, verify email, login, forgot password, and settings screens/coding! All backend code is ready to rock and the data is hosted as a part of the 1Pass4.Me network! All websites on the network share credentials.Example: if a customer signs up for, then visits, they can login using their existing account from!

If you're a developer, you'll love how easy it is to set. It's flexible, fast, and clean.
If you're a customer, you'll love the ease of maintaining your information, only remembering a single password, and some safety features than ensure you don't mistype your email.

Shane Stebner

Author: Shane Stebner

Shane is a successful web-developer specializing in responsive design, and the open-source LAMP stack. Over the years, he's gained in-depth experience with Stripe, Twilio, PhantomJs,, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, and many other plugins/APIs.

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