version 3 has been completed!

After weeks of hard work, we're proud to announce version 3. Now you can sell your house by owner, even easier than before!

Some of the new challenges we enjoyed were:

1. Auto-filling property information found online.

2. Making the ultimate easy signup.

3. Creating a Craigslist advertisement template you can copy-paste.

4. Making the property listing as mobile friendly as possible!

5. Integrating a drag and drop photo uploader with a mobile friendly fallback.

6. Building the editor to match the listing so you can preview while you edit.

7. Adding the ability to easily reply to a lead from your email using Craigslist style anonymous emails.

8. Adding a better address verification process.

9. Optimizing the upgrade screen and yard-sign purchase.

10. Vastly improving the lead management tools.

If you're looking to sell your home yourself online, we HIGHLY recommend you checkout this quality product!

Shane Stebner

Author: Shane Stebner

Shane is a successful web-developer specializing in responsive design, and the open-source LAMP stack. Over the years, he's gained in-depth experience with Stripe, Twilio, PhantomJs,, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, and many other plugins/APIs.

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