Best backbone APIs

Here are a few of the best APIs to make your website more reliable, powerful, and to save you time we'll even include code samples to get you started FAST! 1. Mandrill - Send/Receiv


Best WYSIWYG Embedded Editor: Redactorjs

Most website developers have heard of TinyMCE or CKEditor. They're the "standard" in WYSIWYG embeddable editors, but they're slow, bulky, and look like they were built during the stone-ag


Freebies Reminder!

We just want to remind everyone that our captcha system is totally free, our screenshot service is free while in BETA (unadvertised until you login), our demographic analytics service is free, and


How to fix PHP CURL Error 60 SSL

Today, I finally tackled an issue that had been bothering me for a long time. Everytime I tried to connect to an API of mine, cURL returned the error code 60. If I set curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT