jAlert Version 4

jAlert Version 4 Released!

The greatest modal plugin just got even better! New optimized backbone, data attributes for easy use, new themes/colors, sweet new auto width, smoother animation, and a ton more! Check it out now at h

PHP Caching Script

Got a slow site? Don't want to waste any time building a script to cache parts of your page? YOU'RE IN LUCK! We just released a free PHP class just for you :D You can get it on GitHub and let us kn

Michael Savage & Savage Nation Mobile App

Never miss the Savage Nation again! Download "MSav featuring Michael Savage and Savage Nation" on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), or "Michael Savage - Savage Nation" on Android! Listen Live, or listen

The ULTIMATE PHP Database SQL Function

Save time and effort! Run all your queries through one simple, yet powerful function. The PHP: //function to report sql errors function errorReport($msg){ //send email to tech support with